Does a Double Bob Strollers Fit Through Doorways?

When it comes to parenting, choosing the right stroller is a crucial decision. For active parents, the Double Bob stroller is a popular choice, known for its durability and ease of use. However, one common concern that arises is whether a Double Bob can fit through doorways. In this article, we’ll delve deep into this topic, exploring the dimensions of the Double Bob, tips for navigating tight spaces, and common FAQs related to this issue.

About bob double strollers

Bob double strollers are the perfect solution for busy parents with two children. They offer the convenience of having two children in one stroller and the ability to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Bob double strollers are lightweight, compact, and foldable, making them incredibly easy to transport.

A Bob double stroller is an ideal choice for parents who need to routinely transport two children. With two seats side-by-side and two separate canopies, both children can be comfortably seated and protected from the elements. Bob double strollers are also equipped with a storage basket underneath the seats and a footrest for each child’s comfort. All of these features make it easy and convenient to transport two children in one stroller.

Bob double strollers are designed with a five-point safety harness, ensuring that your children are securely seated. The adjustable handlebar is great for parents of different heights, so you can comfortably push your stroller and maneuver it through tight spaces. Plus, the adjustable suspension system helps to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for your children.

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Does a Double Bob Fit Through Doorways?

Let’s address the pressing question: Does a Double Bob fit through doorways? The answer is, well, it depends. While Double Bob strollers are generally designed to fit through standard doorways, some doorways may present challenges due to their narrower dimensions. Double Bob strollers typically have a width of around 30-32 inches, so if the doorway is wider than this, you’re good to go! However, if the doorway is narrower, you may need to implement some maneuvers.

The Dimensions of a Double Bob Stroller

To better understand how to navigate doorways, it’s essential to know the dimensions of the Double Bob stroller. The typical measurements of a Double Bob are as follows:

  • Width: Approximately 30-32 inches.
  • Height: Around 40 inches.
  • Depth: About 48 inches.

It’s important to note that these dimensions can vary slightly depending on the specific model and version of the Double Bob stroller you have.

Tips for Maneuvering the Double Bob in Tight Spaces

  • Measure Doorways Beforehand: Before taking your Double Bob out, measure the width of the doorways you intend to pass through. This step will help you plan your routes and avoid unexpected obstacles.
  • Tilt and Roll: If you encounter a narrow doorway, try tilting the Double Bob slightly to one side while rolling it through. This technique can create a bit more clearance and help you pass through smoothly.
  • Remove Accessories: Sometimes, it’s the accessories that cause the stroller to get stuck. If you have any cup holders, snack trays, or other attachments, consider removing them before attempting to go through a tight space.
  • Fold the Stroller: In extreme cases where the doorway is exceptionally narrow, you may need to fold the Double Bob and carry it through. This option is not always ideal, especially if you have two children seated in the stroller, but it can be a solution in tight spots.
  • Explore Alternative Entrances: If the main entrance poses a challenge, look for alternative entrances with wider openings. Side doors or accessible ramps can provide easier access for your Double Bob stroller.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Maneuvering a Double Bob takes practice. Spend some time navigating tight spaces in your home or local park to get the hang of it before venturing into crowded areas.

Features of bob double strollers

Bob double strollers are the perfect choice for parents that need to transport two children at once. They are easy to maneuver and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a lightweight or jogging stroller, Bob has a double stroller that will fit your lifestyle. Here is a look at some of the features that make Bob double strollers so popular with parents.

1. Maneuverability:

Bob double strollers are designed with a swiveling wheel that makes them highly maneuverable. This allows you to easily push and turn the stroller while navigating tight spaces, like in stores or malls. The wheel also allows you to go around corners with ease.

2. Lightweight:

Bob double strollers are lightweight and fold up for easy storage. This makes them ideal for travel, especially if you are taking a bus or train to get around. The lightweight design also makes them easier to lift in and out of a car trunk.

3. Comfort:

Bob double strollers are designed with a comfortable padded seat and adjustable footrest for your children. This allows them to ride in comfort and recline if needed. There is also a large canopy that provides shade from the sun and wind.

4. Storage:

Bob double strollers come with a large storage basket that is perfect for holding diapers, wipes, toys, and snacks. The basket also has a built-in cup holder for your convenience.

5. Safety:

Bob double strollers are designed with safety features that ensure your children are secure. This includes a 5-point harness that makes sure your children are properly secured and a lockable front wheel that prevents the stroller from rolling away.


In conclusion, while a Double Bob stroller is generally designed to fit through standard doorways, it’s essential to consider the specific dimensions of the doorways you plan to navigate. By following the tips and techniques mentioned in this guide, you can confidently maneuver your Double Bob in tight spaces without much hassle. Remember that practice makes perfect, and with a little bit of skill and finesse, you’ll be gliding through doorways with ease.

FAQs about Double Bob Strollers and Doorways

Q: Can I use a Double Bob for newborns?

A: Yes, many Double Bob strollers are compatible with infant car seats, making them suitable for newborns.

Q: Are Double Bob strollers too heavy to maneuver? A: While they are sturdier than some other stroller types, Double Bobs are designed for easy maneuverability, even in rough terrains.

Q: Can I use a Double Bob as a jogging stroller? A: Absolutely! Double Bob strollers are renowned for their excellent performance during jogging and brisk walking.

Q: Are there narrow doorways that a Double Bob cannot fit through? A: In some older buildings or tight spaces with exceptionally narrow doorways, the Double Bob may have difficulty fitting through.

Q: Can I fold the Double Bob with one hand? A: Yes, most Double Bob models feature a simple folding mechanism that can be operated with one hand.

Q: Are there Double Bob models with adjustable widths? A: While the width of most Double Bob strollers is fixed, some manufacturers offer models with adjustable handlebars for added comfort.

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