From Strolling to Sharing: Where to Donate Your Strollers and Change Lives

If you find yourself with unused strollers taking up space in your home, consider the noble act of donation to benefit others in need. Wondering where to donate strollers? There are several charitable organizations and community centers that gladly accept gently used strollers to support families and children.

These organizations often distribute donated strollers to low-income families, single parents, or those facing challenging circumstances, providing them with a crucial means of transportation for their little ones. By donating your strollers, you not only declutter your living space but also contribute to a positive and compassionate cause, making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Where to donate strollers?

There are so many places to donate strollers, and you might be surprised at all the options you have. If you’re looking for a place to donate your stroller, check out these five options!

Local charities that collect donated goods

Do not hesitate to donate it to a local charity that collects donated goods. There are plenty of organizations that would love to receive your unwanted stroller, and they will put it to good use by providing children in need with a reliable mode of transportation.

Some of the most popular local charities that accept donated strollers include Stroller Strides, which delivers strollers to special needs children, and Baby Strides, which provides new and gently used strollers to low-income families. Both organizations are highly committed to ensuring that every child has access to a safe and reliable mode of transportation.

If you would like to donate your stroller to a local charity, please do not hesitate to contact them. They would be grateful for your support, and they will be sure to put your stroller to good use.

Donation centers

When it comes to parenting, one of the biggest challenges is finding ways to make it easier for both you and your child. This can be difficult when you have a large amount of equipment to pack and transport with you on every outing.

One way to make parenting easier is to donate your strollers to donation centers. Not only will this help out a lot of families in need, but it will also free up some space in your vehicle.

When you donate your strollers, you are helping out families who may not have the means to purchase their own. Additionally, you are helping to preserve children’s safety by reducing the number of dangerous accidents involving strollers.

Donating your strollers is a great way to make parenting easier and help out a lot of families in need.

Recycling centers

Recycling centers are a great place to donate your strollers. You can find recycling centers in your area by searching online or asking your local police department. If you’re unsure of where to take the stroller, call first!

When donating a stroller, it’s important to make sure that it is in good condition and has no missing parts or stains on the fabric. Recyclers will only accept those that are in good condition so that they can be reused by other families. If you have questions about where to donate strollers, contact your local police department. They can help direct you to the right places and answer any questions that you may have.


If you’re looking to donate your stroller, consider donating it to a church. Churches often have donation centers that are open to the public and accept many different kinds of items. The staff at these centers will determine which items are most needed and help connect you with the right organization if they can’t take your stroller.

Churches might also have a thrift shop, charity shop, or clothing bank where you can drop off gently used clothes and other household items for sale or donation. These businesses help provide money for church operations but also offer support for people in need by assisting them to pay bills, housing costs, and more through the funds raised from selling donated goods.

Friends or family

If you’re looking to donate a stroller, there are lots of places you can give it. How about your friends and family? If they have kids, they might be able to use their stroller again or they might be willing to give it back to you in a few years when their kids are older.

Or maybe you have a local preschool or daycare center that could use the stroller for its younger students. Most places that accept strollers will ask for them in good condition, but if yours is still in great shape, make sure you check with them first (some places will reject any used or damaged items).


Donating your stroller can be a great way to reuse it and help others out at the same time. There are many different places you can donate your stroller, so make sure to check with each one first to see if they accept donations. You can also sell your stroller on sites like Craigslist or eBay if you’re looking for a quick sale or some extra cash.

Just make sure you’re giving it away in the right place!


1- What is the difference between a donation and a purchase?

A donation means that you are donating the stroller to us, and we will be responsible for transporting it to its new home. A purchase indicates that you are purchasing the stroller from us, and we will be responsible for transporting it to its new home.

2- Will I need to provide proof of ownership?

No, you will not need to provide proof of ownership when you call in your request for a pick-up.

3- Can I donate my old stroller even if it has been damaged?

Yes! If your stroller is damaged, a donation center will gladly accept it and authorities may find a way to repair it so that they can give it to a family in need.

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